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New so I will share a poem

The truth hurts
and so do lies
but if you look into my eyes
you will see what's inside
I don't want to lose you
I will never let go
Some times are hard
But I want you to know
I love you very much
It's easy to see
But I am wondering
Do you really love me
These fights we have
They come and go
So don't be angry
I'm not your foe
These tears I cry
Yes they're for you
They fall slowly
But that's nothing new
I don't write this
To be about me
I write this only
So you can see clearly
I have my doubts
But in the end
The pains that come
we both can mend
Now to finish
This much is true
That no matter what
I will always love you

I hope you like reading it my friends seem to like it so yeah whatever comment if you would like. Please dont take it I dont know how to get things copyrighted.
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I enjoyed your poem.