luna_bear8 (luna_bear8) wrote in thepencilstance,


I don't know how I have ended up in this position but its where I am. The rain it calls my name and I know what the soft beating of drums and chimes in the open air represents. Tears streamin own my cheeks like a new emotion as those lovers here. But I will remain silent, so talk to me like you and I were meant to. The old tragedies I have buried outside of a closet that was once so deep and the chimes called my name outside to a blissfull place. They told me that my desires were like that of a newly lit fire. We can love whom we choose? Is this true? Can two hearts ablaze trully be accepted? And now I have my hopes on a new love that would've been ready for you anytime!!! Exlamation marks to sooth the emotion that I have come to feel. But when I get so far I fall right back down again with my piano serenade. And I see her running through my garden and around the hedges of my abode. My daughter in pink pig-tails and could I forget that child? Could I resent her for the last breath in my quivering arms? And yet in all of this pain there you are coming too close and then moving away. And I can take the rain. Lord knows I can take the seasons of the rain and no it doesn't bother me. Going on without you has greatly upset me. When I have so much to say and I watch you walk away. When I deal with the pain of losing you I can't move. I know you and I share the same soul but yet I have come so close and yet you walk away. Loving you is what I am trying to do. This is what ails me, I cannot give you my best and what could've been will come of this I know. And yet I look into the mirror and into an open abyss of where my soul lingers. And yet behold I am shattered. You cut me into so many little pieces and I will bleed for you once again as I did in my past lives. And you refuse to believe like a stubborn child. I have come to ignore the difference but which of us do you know? I bleed, I bleed, I bleed. You said move on where do I go? You made it a point to have me think of you and yet I wish that I could look once again into your eyes. An Indian Summer in the middle of my winter is what you are to me my love. And in this life you gotta be the best. Listen as the day it unfolds. Love will always cause your tears but dont ever be ashamed to cry. All I know is that I will linger on my own puzzles but go on take a different view than me, help me be wiser. Challenge what the future holds my dear and always release them fears. You are hard and strong, hardness creates life through love so all I know is to be bold is to be wise. And when I asked my first "What is love?" Did he look at me in awe?! I will offer my pain time and time again for love, I welcome it to hurt me. I could never turn away a man due to biology and that is my confusion on what I find sexy. And now I have come into the sunshine on my silver canvas. I've been waiting for a moment all of my life but its not quite right he is a man that was currently my age when my loving heart was born. Is it so impossible to have my eyes rest on you in love? It feels so good to make it re-arrange into the dreams I have. So squinto your eyes and look closer I am thirty-two with a body of bliss so you might want to lift your head and forget the words you spoke in anger. I harbor only hatred for those who extinguishe love in the makings. Im nobody but I will be someone. So look closer next time as I pass you by. And I would like to state for the record that I'll do everything I can do for you.
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